True Stories from a Real-Life, Middle-Aged Gambler

True Stories from a Real-Life, Middle-Aged Gambler

It probably won’t be promptly clear, however, I accept my duties as a betting blogger genuinely. All things considered, if something merits doing, it merits doing right. 

What’s more, a week ago victory333, I read a blog entry about how to make better substance, and the guidance was sufficiently straightforward: 

Expound on your very own insight however much as could reasonably be expected. 

That propelled my most recent post, which is an assortment of stories from my own life. 

Since I’m 50 years of age nowadays, I presumably qualify as a moderately aged card shark – even though I don’t think I meet all requirements for AARP yet. 

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Here are  genuine stories from my life alongside the exercises I gained from every circumstance: 

1-Shuffleboard Tournaments on Thursday 

Not very far in the past, I composed a post about genuine cash betting on stuff that you probably won’t consider as betting right away. 

All in all, it was tied in with wagering on billiards at the bar, or darts, or occasionally a round of Monopoly with your child sister. 

The best illustration of this from my own life is the week after week shuffleboard competition I took an interest in at my nearby bar for a very long time. 

The bar is still there on Forest Lane, however, they haven’t done shuffleboard competitions there in years. I quit drinking 6 years prior, myself, so that is presumably generally advantageous. 

I’m NOT a decent shuffleboard player, albeit, throughout 10 years, I improved. 

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Truth be told, frequently, I was too tanked to even think about playing at my best. The proprietor of the bar would here and there toss an extra $50 into the prize pool, which worked this way: The group that won the competition had the opportunity to part the cash, and the group that came in the second spot had the chance to play in the next week’s competition free of charge. 

I think I was a helpless enough shuffleboard player to defy expectations, however. In 10 years, which adds up to 500+ competitions, I just won once. (I set second a few times.) I once in a while got combined with the best shuffleboard major part in the bar, yet that typically wasn’t sufficient to put us over the top. 

2-All Night Underground Poker Games in Dallas 

I additionally used to play in a few of the underground poker rooms in the Dallas territory during the 2000s. I don’t have a clue the number of them is still there – I realize that in any event one of the poker rooms I delighted in visiting got struck by the SWAT team. These games were loads of fun, and I met a lot of fascinating characters. 

The greatest night I at any point had was one where I played from 8 pm to 8 am. 

I played a firmly engaged, trained game where I collapsed A LOT. 

I wasn’t getting cards, either, so I didn’t will take any actions until 5 am or 6 am, in any case, by then, I began getting hit by the deck. 

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