Top Types Of Casino Personalities

The casino is packed with different types of personalities, and all gathered to have a good time together. Each person in a casino has different expectations from the casino. Not everyone is necessarily looking to make money when they are inside. Some are there to experience the games for the first time, while others may only be interested in finding like-minded people and make new friends. There is also a group that is trying to help everyone have a good time. Here we will discuss the types of people that you will find in a casino all the time.

Extreme Gamblers

Gamblers are found in abundance in any casino. Casinos are meant for people who come to win money by gambling in the games. While some players take the road of discipline to become professionals, others take the wrong path and often find themselves trapped in the compulsion to gamble. The pros can be seen playing at high stake tables. They are focused during their games and even avoid drinking during the games to make good decisions. On the other hand, compulsive gamblers lose their decision-making capability and form a lot of bad habits like drinking, borrowing money, and losing interest in everything else in their lives.

Extreme Gamblers

Social Gamblers

Social gamblers are not like pros or compulsive gamblers. Their interest in gambling usually develops later on. Their first reason to visit casinos is to enjoy their time and meet new friends. There are two types of social gamblers. Casual social gamblers are in the casinos to make new connections. They do not care about winning money. They focus on having a good time after a long week of working. On the other hand, serious social gamblers develop an interest in the games and like to experiment to win money. They are one step closer to become extreme gamblers than casual social gamblers.


You can also find recreational gamblers, aka conventional gamblers in the casinos, who travel just to experience gambling. They have a casino as a part of their bucket list. They usually spend only a limited time playing the games and then go outside to tour the local streets and restaurants. You will generally find them in the slot machine aisles as they may be afraid to take chances against other players.


Staff members

Another group that you will always find in the casinos is the staff members. These include the dealers, waitresses, bartenders, performers, security, and managers. Their role in the casino is to take care of everyone and ensure the guests are having a good time. The dealers and waitresses are responsible for hosting games and serving complimentary beverages to the guests. They earn minimum wages but can earn a lot of money from tips from the guests. Other staff members also include chefs, cleaners, electricians, ushers, etc.

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