The NYU-X Inventors Workshop in NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing is a concept that seeks to eliminates barriers and creates strong synergies between education and research. It is an initiative that raises the bar – redefining what is possible by creating knowledgeable, creative, technologically literate consumers, creators, and designers. It is a place that encourages and equips students to make outstanding contributions and earn fellowships. It can help healthcare professionals solve “Wicked Problems” related to clinical and home care, and public health. It is a conduit to help learners reach their goals, and empower them to continue to seek new challenges and continue learning throughout their lives.
NYU-X helps humans and computers to interact, communicate, and collaborate more effectively. It trains and deploys interdisciplinary “SWAT teams” that explore, translate, research, and educate. Inventioneering learners at NYU-X can reverse engineer, prototype concepts, and share their knowledge in broadly accessible online modules.

NYU-X is a place and philosophy that empowers departments and centers to advance a new generation of transdisciplinary research. It is an environment where anyone can learn to become citizen scientists/designers able to explore new technologies to create prototypes and simulations, visualize data patterns and relationships,interact in virtual worlds, and ask and answer profound questions that push the boundaries of what is known and what is possible, to benefit society and improve our lives.

Inventors’ Workshop

Inventors’ Workshop is the transformative initiative to train the engineer of 2020 and 2100 today. We advance research to address the NAE’s Grand Challenges. This interdisciplinary program aims to unite all disciplines to advance the foundations of education.

Building the capacity for transdisciplinary expertise requires STEM learners to develop:
Deeper levels of expertise, e.g., skills to not only practice but to also translate one’s knowledge and apply it beyond its traditional settings, sharing and making contributions within and across multiple domains
The opportunity to develop a broad array of vocabulary, experience, and understanding. Thus, we need more effective and efficient paths to deeper knowledge and to make higher end tools easier to access and use, so learners can gain deep expertise in one or more disciplines and come-up-to-speed quickly in a broad range of diverse topics, enabling new and rich conversations, projects, teams, and discoveries, beyond what is possible today.